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Humane Bat Removal

We only use humane bat removal, Live Bat Removal, bat control techniques and use approved bat exclusion techniques using custom-made and commercial available one-way bat exit tubes, one-way valves and netting. No mothballs, naphthalene, ultrasonic sound devices, or witchcraft! Bat Repellents and Home Remedies don’t work! Bat control done right! Call (318)553-3006

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon damage comes in many ways and always starts by raccoons being seen in the area, raccoons seen on the roof line, raccoons digging up grubs in the yard, raccoons tearing up the lawn or raccoons in the chimney. The biggest complaint is always raccoons in the attic, concerns regarding raccoons and rabies and whether or not a young child or family pet should require special attention if there are raccoons living the house. We Live Trap Raccoons, remove, control, catch and capture raccoons and any other nuisance wildlife. Who can catch a raccoon?
If you have raccoons in the chimney or raccoons in the attic…
Call (318)553-3006

Skunk Removal

Skunks are of course famous for their skunk odor and just getting a skunk away from your home does bring peace of mind and smells better too. Skunks can dig under the foundation of your home, under fences or any part of your landscaping. They can leave digging signs in any area of your yard including the garden, shrubs, trees and even tear up a lawn digging up some of a favorite skunk foods like grubs or the larvae of beetles in the soil of your lawn.
We Live Trap Skunks and relocate them where they can cause no more harm.
Call (318)553-3006

Bird Control Solutions

Yes, we take care of pigeon and other bird control problems. The three most common pest bird species locally are the European Starling, House Sparrow and the Rock Pigeon. We offer a variety of bird control methods such as bird spikes, nets, shock strips. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to bird control. A variety of bird control methods must be used or the program will likely fail. We tailor the best bird control program to our customers specific needs. When you need to know who can install bird netting and bird spikes, who traps pigeon or who can remove birds from a grocery store, all you need to know is Wildlife Abatement can!

Our Service Areas

Our Nuisance Wildlife Control Service area covers North Louisiana including Shreveport LA, Bossier City LA, Minden LA, Mansfield LA, Barksdale Air Force Base LA, BAFB, Haughton LA, Keithville LA, Greenwood LA, Stonewall LA, Elm Grove LA, Ringgold LA, Blanchard LA, Doyline LA, Benton LA, Coushatta LA, Grambling LA, Grambling State University, Ruston LA, Louisiana Tech University, Monroe LA, West Monroe LA, University of Louisiana Monroe, Many LA, Longstreet LA, Logansport LA, Zwolle LA, Alexandria LA, Natchitoches LA, LSU, Louisiana State University, LA, Alexandria LA, Tallulah LA, St Joseph LA and Ferriday LA, Bats Control is offered State-Wide in LA. Our Pest Control Service is offered in the in the Shreveport Bossier City Metropolitan Area and within 80 miles of the Natchitoches Metropolitan Area.
Parishes Serviced: Bossier, Caddo, Red River, De Soto, Bienville, Webster, Claiborne, Union, Sabine, Vernon, Lincoln, Jackson, Ouachita, Richland, East Carroll, Madison, Franklin, Caldwell, Tensas, Winn, La Salle, Grant, Sabine, Natchitoches, Calcasieu, Cameron, Vermilion

Armadillo Removal

Who can trap armadillos? We provide armadillo control in the Shreveport Bossier City Metropolitan Area! Armadillos dig under landscaping, swimming pools and can destroy underground cables and weaken foundations. We provide armadillo removal and armadillo trapping services and can install digging barriers to prevent them from returning to your yard. Heavy-duty and sometimes specialized traps are utilized to trap armadillos. Their burrows can be very destructive to a yard, flowerbed, sidewalk, roadway or foundation. The nine-banded armadillo, which is our resident species, can not roll up into a ball and roll away. We are here to get rid of your armadillo problem. Call TODAY to end your armadillo problems! (318)553-3006

Dead Animal Removal

Daed Animal Removal It smells like something is dead in my house. Who can remove a dead animal? Unfortunately, there comes a time when all good things must come to an end. OK, so maybe a rat isn’t such a good thing, but none the less, it must perish just as all living creatures do. Why the rodent picked your house to die in, we may never know. Sometimes squirrels find their way into the attic and fall down between the wall studs. For some critters, that is the end; they can’t climb up the wall so they eventually die. If you act quickly we can get it out alive, but if it is too late and now things are starting to smell we can help you with that problem too. With the assistance of a FLIR E30 Thermal Imaging Camera we can find a squirrel, raccoon, or even rat or mouse pups before they die from starvation or dehydration and eventually die and stink up your home. When dead animals are the issue, we can locate and remove the carcass then disinfect and deodorize the area like it was never there. If your neighbor did you a favor and trapped and killed a skunk for you (and it returned the favor by spraying him) we can take care of the dead animal removal too. Our job is to return things back to normal with as little impact on your routine as possible.

Snake Removal

Snakes are often misunderstood and rarely pose any threat if they are simply left alone. The key operative word is left “alone”. Give them space, keep children and pets away and they usually will leave in minutes to an hour or two. We often are called upon to remove snakes from inside structures like office buildings, homes, restaurants, apartment and condominium buildings, garages, medical facilities and most anywhere snakes and humans run into conflicts.
We are often called by movie producers, stunt coordinators or locations coordinators in the local area as a “Snake Wrangler” to remove a snake hazard, Live Trap Snakes or sweep an area for snakes to ensure the safety of the crew and cast. All snakes are caught live and relocated to Steve’s Snaketuary in Shreveport LA.

Eco-Friendly Honeybee Removal

We Do Not Use Pesticides on Honeybees! By removing the honey and combs and disinfecting and sanitizing the wall voids, we are able to help prevent ants or other insects from entering your home to rob the honey and comb and to eliminate the possibility of honey running down the wall and into the floor and honeybee brood rot seeping through the interior walls of your home and causing a horrible rotten odor. The honeycomb and honey must be removed from the wall void to eliminate future problems. If you neglect this step, you are asking for trouble! Call a “hobby bee keeper” if you want a quick temporary fix. Call a free honey bee removal guy if you want to do this again next year.

Squirrels in Attic

How do I get rid of Squirrels or Raccoons in my attic? Squirrels and raccoons must be trapped and relocated from the area to better assure that they will not attempt to enter your attic again once the holes sealed or blocked off. Squirrels and rats will chew the insulation off of your electrical wires, so immediate action is a really good idea. House fires from squirrel and rat damage are very possible and happen every year. Don’t be the next victim!

Digging Barriers

digging barriers shreveport Dig DeFence Animal Control is a product made with galvanized US steel used to prevent animals from digging under a fence, structure, building skirt, roadway or runway. It is designed strong and will last a long, long time.
This is a product that sells itself! Unless you enjoy paying for frequent animal removal or wildlife control services or really love hunting down your dog that continually digs out from under the fence, this product is for you assuming your yard is fenced-in! This is the “missing link” which extends your fence’s protection under the ground without digging trenches, pouring cement and burying wire.
Call us for a demonstration of its potential on your property! (318)553-3006

Live Honeybee Removal

Live HoneyBee removal
We are often asked “Who can remove honey bees from my house?” and “How are honey bees removed from a wall?” We offer professional and insured removal services for eco-friendly Live Honeybee Removal and we hive the bees after removal and relocate them on our own property. Many times a “cut out” needs to be performed in order to remove the honey and brood combs from the walls of structure. All of our bee removal work is professionally done instead of simply “trapping out” the honey bees or spraying unwanted pesticides on them. Swarms are captured live as well. having a swarm attached to a tree, shrub, wall, car or window can be a little scarey but with one call, we can come out and put and end to your fears and relocate the honey bees alive.

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